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Vitamin B12 for Baby Planning, Preventing Birth Defects

Thursday, November 14th, 2013



Vitamin B12 is one of the most important nutrients you can take if you’re planning a baby. In countless studies, vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked with fertility-related problems, along with spontaneous abortion and miscarriage during pregnancy. Even if your vitamin B12 levels are tested as normal, you may require an elevated amount to provide your unborn child with optimum health benefits and insure a normal delivery.

Vitamin B12 is Crucial for Baby Planning and Preventing Birth Defects

Neural tube defects

In a study led by the National Institutes of Health it was discovered that women who have abnormally low levels of serum vitamin B12 (cobalamin) before even planning a baby are more likely than others to deliver a baby with neural tube birth defects.

Babies, B12, and Fertility- B12 Deficiency during Pregnancy

One such disorder, spina bifida, is five times more likely to occur when vitamin B12 deficiency is evident before conception.


Vitamin B12 helps your body control levels of homocysteine, a hormone linked with increased risk for preeclampsia and miscarriage, in addition to heart attack and stroke.

In a study that examined vitamin B12 deficiency and its effect on fertility in women of child-bearing age, scientists found that vitamin B12 deficiency and folate deficiency together can lead to miscarriages caused by thrombophilia (blood clotting).

Also, it was confirmed that the majority of female test subjects with vitamin B12 deficiency suffered multiple miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, and difficulty conceiving.

When vitamin B12 supplements were administered, however, researchers noted a decrease in homocysteine that led to more positive results in childbearing.

Furthermore, doctors warn that taking too much folic acid during your pregnancy may hide symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, making it harder to detect and treat.


Before planning a baby, and additionally during your pregnancy, submit a blood test for vitamin B12 deficiency. Unfortunately, vitamin B12 blood tests are not among the standard screenings given to pregnant women, so you may have to make a special request.

Also, be on the lookout for telltale symptoms, such as crushing fatigue, long-lasting depression, brain fog, slow thinking, and constant “pins and needles” in your hands and feet.

If you’re pregnant, then you should take all the vitamins that your doctor prescribes, including folic acid to prevent birth defects. In addition to that, it’s crucial to get plenty of vitamin B12, as a deficiency in B12 levels will not be apparent even in a blood test, due to the effects of folic acid.

There’s no upper limit for vitamin B12- all amounts are perfectly safe- but the standard dose is 1,000mic, to be taken daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, or as recommended by your physician.

Please tell us…

If you had vitamin B12 deficiency during your pregnancy, were you aware of it at the time?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Image courtesy of -Marcus-/freedigitalphotos

Infertility and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

There have been quite a number of studies that correlate infertility with a vitamin B12 deficiency.  Although a vitamin B12 deficiency is relatively easy to detect and treat, it often goes undetected until after expensive fertility treatments have been tried.  Worse, many multivitamins include folic acid, which can mask the B12 deficiency, but have only minute quantities of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is naturally found in food products derived from animals.  However, many health-conscious women are choosing to eliminate these foods from their diets in order to live longer.  Vegetarian women who do not consume vitamin B12 supplements – even if they take multivitamins – have no way of obtaining this essential vitamin.  As time goes on, their excess vitamin B12 stores get depleted.

Dr. Bennett has written about his patients in the medical literature.  He told stories of women who have had numerous miscarriages due to a vitamin B12 deficiency.  These women went to fertility specialists and high-risk doctors in the hopes of carrying a baby to term, only to be devastated when the pregnancy terminated.  These women were given hormonal treatments.  Yet, they still had multiple miscarriages.

Fortunately, these women were referred to Dr. Bennett, a hematologist who specializes in blood disorders.  He diagnosed these women with a vitamin B12 deficiency, then resolved this problem.  These women were finally able to have normal pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

Women are not the only ones affected by a vitamin B12 deficiency.  Additional research has demonstrated that men who have a vitamin B12 deficiency have fertility issues too, specifically with regard to low sperm counts.  These same studies have shown that B12 supplementation in addition to Clomid effectively increases sperm counts.

If you are a man or woman who is trying to have a baby, you should have your plasma B12 levels checked to ensure a viable pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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