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B12 Patch continual release
technology provides continual energy
to fuel you during the day.

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B12 Patch provides crucial
vitamin B12 so you can concentrate on
what's important.

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B12 Patch
ensures maximum absorption in a
dime sized patch.

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B-12 Patch Advantage

Bio-Active Delivery System

B-12 In Its Most
Stable Form

Topical Patch Means
Maximum Absorption

Product Information

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Vita Sciences was the first to research, develop, and market the B12 Patch. The Vitamin B12 Patch is the most trusted original B-12 Patch on the market and is the only one developed by a team of leading scientists in their field.
The B12 Patch incorporates the 'standard' Vitamin B12 molecule, cyanocobalamin (CNCo) similarly used in B-12 injections.
Apply a new B12 Patch to a clean and dry area of the skin behind the ear lobe on the neck or on the inner part of your wrist. Firmly press adhesive side to skin and leave the patch in place for up to 24 hours. A month supply contains 4 patches. One patch is approximately the size of a dime.

About Vitamin B12 Deficiency


Followers of a low protein diet are at risk
for developing severe Vitamin B12
deficiency. The body is able to store
Vitamin B12 for a few years at the most, so
continued abstinence from B12-rich foods
such as beef, liver, shellfish and cheese
increases one's chances of developing a
deficiency of B vitamins.

Hereditary Malabsorption

An antibody called ″the intrinsic factor″ is
crucial for Vitamin B12 utilization, as it
attaches itself to dietary Vitamin B12 and
assists in absorption. The presence of
intrinsic factor is determined by heredity,
and those who are lacking it cannot access
Vitamin B12 naturally from their food
and risk becoming anemic.


Gastric acids are crucial for Vitamin B12
absorption, as they draw Vitamin B12 from
protein sources and aid in its digestion.
Stomach acid production decreases with age,
making senior citizens a high-risk category
for anemia and dementia, along with other
illnesses associated with
Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Research Studies

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Vitamin B12 status and rate of brain volume loss in community-dwelling elderly

ABSTRACT Objectives: To investigate the relationship between markers of vitamin B12 status and brain volume loss per year over a 5-year period in an elderly population. Methods: A prospective study of 107 community-dwelling volunteers aged 61 to 87 years without cognitive impairment at enrollment. Volunteers were assessed yearly by clinical examination, MRI scans, and cognitive […]

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Vitamin B deficiencies are common in elderly people

LEUVEN, BELGIUM. An international team of researchers have confirmed that elderly people often suffer from a deficiency of vitamins B-6, B12 and folic acid. Their investigation involved 99 healthy young people (aged 19-55), 64 healthy elderly subjects (aged 65-88), and 286 elderly hospitalized patients (aged 61-97). The researchers measured the blood concentrations of the vitamins […]

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency easy to avoid

KINGSTON, CANADA. Many older people suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). A low intake of animal protein, the use of medications to reduce stomach acid, a Helicobacter pylori infection, an inflammation of the stomach lining, and problems with the pancreas can all contribute to the development of a deficiency. Medical researchers at Queen’s […]

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Vitamin B12 deficiency common after stomach surgery

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. It is becoming increasingly clear that a vitamin B12 deficiency can have serious consequences, particularly in elderly people. A vitamin B12 deficiency can be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), spinal cord compression, or alcoholic or diabetic peripheral neuropathy. A vitamin B12 deficiency is also associated with elevated homocysteine […]

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Vegetarians are vitamin B12 deficient

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. It is generally assumed that vitamin B12 deficiencies are rare among people consuming a varied diet. However, there is some question whether vegetarians get enough B12 as it is not present in plants. Researchers at the Sydney Adventist Hospital have just completed a study aimed at resolving this question. Their study involved 245 […]

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The homocysteine connection

This is not however the end of the story. Most vegans show adequate B12 levels to make clinical deficiency unlikely but nonetheless show restricted activity of B12 related enzymes, leading to elevated homocysteine levels. Strong evidence has been gathered over the past decade that even slightly elevated homocysteine levels increase risk of heart disease and […]

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Vitamin B12 deficiency and ulcer drugs

DENVER, COLORADO. Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy warn that prolonged use of acid-suppressing drugs such as cimetidine (Tagamet), ranitidine (Zantac) and omeprazole (Losec) can lead to a serious vitamin-B12 deficiency. They cite the case of a 78-year-old non-vegetarian, white woman with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) who had been taking cimetidine or […]

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About Vitamin B12

B12 is an important water-soluble vitamin. In contrast to other water-soluble vitamins it is not excreted quickly in the urine, but rather accumulates and is stored in the liver, kidney and other body tissues. As a result, a vitamin B12 deficiency may not manifest itself until after 5 or 6 years of a diet supplying […]

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Helicobacter pylori and vitamin B12 deficiency

ANKARA, TURKEY. It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of adults in developed countries are infected with the Helicobacter pylori bacterium. H pylori has been implicated in stomach ulcers, indigestion (dyspepsia), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), stomach cancer, and MALT lymphoma. About 10-15 per cent of adults over 60 years of age […]

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A natural, healthy and compassionate diet

To be truly healthful, a diet must be best not just for individuals in isolation but must allow all six billion people to thrive and achieve a sustainable coexistence with the many other species that form the ?living earth?. From this standpoint the natural adaptation for most (possibly all) humans in the modern world is […]

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B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I used to have very little energy and I was tired all the time. Since taking the B12 Patch for 3 months now I feel like a different person. I feel young again and now I can do many more activities throughout the day all thanks to the B12 Patch.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I have been taking the Vitamin B12 Patch for awhile now. I always wanted to increase my energy levels so I could train at a higher level in my physical workout sessions. It was my trainer who recommended this product. I have more energy now than every before!

B12 Patch 4 5 B12 Patch

I became a vegan in college. I take many different vitamins on a daily basis. Because of my dietary restrictions I do not get all the proper nutrients that my body needs. I knew that b12 was important. I found out about the B12 Patch. I like the convenience of putting on only one patch!

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I am so thrilled I discovered your product! I had a gastric bypass almost 6 years ago. I looked for different solutions. A few months later, I stumbled on your website! After using my third month supply, So far this is the only thing that I have managed to take with regularity… I wish you would look into making other patches. You’d have my business! …..I’d be first in line with my credit card! What a great product! I’ve turned all my friends and family into customers!

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I have now been using the Vita Sciences Vit B12 Topical Skin Patches for over a year. I just had my annual physical and I feel great. I got so many questions from children in my clinical practice about “what that thing was behind my ear” that I started (about a year ago) wearing it … below my shirt line. Works great there.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I had ordered your product this past month and I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my energy level. I was so excited that I just recently ordered another pack. I am usually very skeptical, but it actually works. I will continue to buy your product.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

….your patch has been amazing, I am telling everyone about them and what a difference they are making in my life. My daughter just received her first box to try and I recommended them for her husband also! I placed my first order of one box to test out of desperation! For several years my health was so bad I couldn’t even cook dinner or anything but lay and sleep in a recliner. We are moving so I had to figure some way to be able to do all the packing myself. Since I’ve started your patch I’m handling the packing, cooking dinner every night and even baking bread! I also was able to do about 4 months worth of laundry I had been unable to do. I want to thank you for such a quality product it’s truly given me my life back!

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I was told about the B12 Patch from a good friend of mine. I was hoping it would work to boost my energy levels and help with my chronic fatigue syndrom. I was always feeling exhausted throughtout the day. Since taking the patch for 4 weeks now I am feeling energized. I am able to take on many more things. I have experienced real improvement thanks to this patch.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

The B12 Patch rates 10 for me. I took my second patch on Friday and I am feeling more energetic than I have in months. I am 76 and work out at the gym 5 days a week. When I get home all I want to do is rest and nap. But this Saturday, I worked in my yard and got more done than I have in ages. The B12 Patch sure helped me, cant say enough. Thanks.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

… I ordered a years supply of them, and I am so pleased with these…. I just ordered my second years supply, and will use them as long as they are available. I have told everyone I know who has had gastric bypass surgery about this product, and give motivational encouragement to people I meet that I think would really benefit by having the procedure.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

Hi, this is Lori Saunders, you may know me as the perky and up beat Bobbie
Jo on Petticoat Junction in the 70’s CBS Hit Sitcom.  I am here to tell
you the I am still pretty perky and very up beat and I give much credit to
good eating, exercise, meditation and Now the B-12 Patches….
It really
works…by the way I am a
vegetarian….Try it, it really works…best.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I want to give the b12 patch to my doctor and several pharmacies around my home. I ordered 1 month supply and used one patch… and so far they are good. The b12 patch is wonderful. Thank you!!!

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

We received the order listed below & the patches are helping my husband so much that we want to double the quantity we will be receiving in the future. Your B12 patches are really helping. Please review our account and let me know how soon you can ship more, as we have been using them a lot more frequently than originally planned, once we found out how much help he was getting from them.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I ordered one box to try. I used my first patch this past Saturday. I am not exaggerating when I say I feel reborn!! I am so happy. Literally within one hour of wearing the B-12 patch, I began to feel better — more like ME, instead of the sick-with-fatigue, dragged-down woman I had become. Thank you, thank you!!

B12 Patch 4 5 B12 Patch

…After searching for a B12 product I came across the Vitamin B12 Patch. It is so convenient and easy to use. Just 1 patch a week is enough. I have had amazing improvement… I recommend this product to all.

B12 Patch 5 5 B12 Patch

I had gastric bypass surgery six months ago. My doctor told me I needed to be careful. I found out about the B12 Patch online and it has worked out great for me.

Start Feeling Great Today!

B12 Patch

Time Release Vitamin B12 Patch

Vita Sciences Vitamin B12 Patch was developed by leading scientists
in their field. The B12 Patch utilizes BioActive Absorption Technology
and is the only trusted B-12 Patch.

Vita Sciences B-12 Patch provides essential Vitamin B12 in a 10cm sized patch.
This highly stable form of B12 in combination with our specialized
technology delivers B12 at the highest level of effectiveness.
Vita Sciences
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