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What Madonna Knows about Vitamin B12 and Bacteria

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“I feel better than I did 20 years ago,” wrote Madonna to her personal chef.  What’s the secret to her Fountain of Youth? Vitamin B12 and healthy bacteria… B12: Celebs Say it’s the New C B12 helps her perform Madonna’s known to take a couple of jabs every now and then- jabs of vitamin B12 […]

Fight Chronic Fatigue with Vitamin B-12, plus 10 Energy Tips!

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    Is chronic fatigue the bane of your existence?  Learn how vitamin B12, the energy vitamin, can help you beat the midday slump.  Here are twelve excellent tips for boosting energy in the afternoon and preventing fatigue. Are you chronically fatigued? Chronic fatigue is more than just being tired.  With chronic fatigue, you wake […]