Vitamin B12 Injection for Weight Management

Getting vitamin B12 injections for weight management is a wise choice for all people who struggle with their weight. In fact, even underweight individuals who are trying to gain weight can benefit from routine injections of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 for nutritional support

Malnutrition is epidemic worldwide, even in developed countries. Malabsorption of vitamins and minerals is one reason why many people are underweight.

Certain factors inhibit your ability to digest nutrients such as vitamin B12 naturally through food sources, regardless of diet. In such cases, only supplementation with vitamin B12 injections can provide the nutritional support required to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency and gain weight.

Vitamin B12 injections support the metabolism

Vitamin B12 benefits your metabolism by helping your body convert carbohydrates into glucose and digesting proteins and fats for energy. Supplementing with vitamin B12 injections regularly enhances vitamin absorption and helps you gain weight efficiently without losing muscle mass.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

One of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency that affect weight management is the inability to swallow foods correctly, leading to loss of appetite and indigestion. Also, vitamin B12 deficiency causes an altered sense of taste, sore, burning tongue, and chronic fatigue. Combined, these factors make it difficult to make wise food choices. In order to avoid excessive weight loss, it is important to supplement with vitamin B12 injections, for optimum nutrition and efficient weight management.

Pros and cons of vitamin B12 injections

It’s worth noting that although vitamin B12 injections are crucial for healthy weight management and overall senses of well-being, they can cause some uncomfortable side effects.

For one, vitamin B12 injections are not an easy shot to take. Unlike many vaccinations, vitamin B12 injections are painful- they must be inserted into the thick fleshy tissue of your buttocks or the back of the thigh. For that reason, many people are embarrassed or mortified at the idea of getting this injection on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis.

Also, vitamin B12 injections may cause deep bruising, bleeding, infections, or on rare occasions, nerve damage. While there is a rising trend to administer your own vitamin B12 injections, that is not what most doctors recommend.

Underweight people have to deal with further complications regarding vitamin B12 injections, as the risk for the needle hitting the bone instead of muscle is much higher, and may lead to infection. Also, over time, scar tissue builds up in the injection sites of your body, causing lumps and discouraging proper absorption of vitamin B12.

Alternatives to vitamin B12 injections include sublingual vitamin B12 lozenges or drops and various other non-edible forms of over-the-counter (OTC) vitamin B12 supplements.