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Type 2 Diabetes Often Undetected- Do You Have These Symptoms?

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Over 7 million people in the US are unaware that they suffer from type 2 diabetes.

The warning signs of type 2 diabetes tend to accumulate gradually, so many diabetics who are unaware of their condition chalk it up to old age or stress. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8.3 % of us have type 2 diabetes; that’s almost 26 million Americans.

Vegan Dieters at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, After All

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Vegetarians have a statistically high risk of accumulating blood clots and suffering from atherosclerosis as a result of not including vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

5 Brain-Boosting Workouts

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We all know you need to work your body at least 2-3 times a week to stay flexible, build muscle and keep the metabolic juices flowing.

Your mind also needs a good workout to stay limber, build neurotransmitters and keep the cerebral juices flowing.

Where’s your mental gym?

Fast Food Felonies, Part II: Top 10 Fatty Offenders

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From the small-time offenders to the major heavyweights, here is a top ten list of the fattiest fast food meals that you should avoid, rated from the least to worst: Blimpie BLT 12-Inch Super Stacked- 640 calories At a mere 640 calories, the Blimpie BLT weighs in as the lightest of the fattiest, although you […]

Talk radio show reviews the Vitamin B12 Patch

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Listen to this talk radio show review of the Vitamin B12 Patch:  b12 patch review

Fast Food Felonies, Part I: the Anatomy of a Chicken Nugget

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Let’s suppose, hypothetically speaking, that you were going to prepare a home-cooked dinner for you and your family. I say “hypothetically” because current research proves that the family sit-down dinner around the table is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as convenience food becomes standard fare in today’s “gotta have it now” society.  But […]

B Today, Hair Tomorrow

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Hair loss got you down, as in down the drain? Women’s hair loss, male pattern baldness- it all amounts to the same impairment. But don’t throw in the bath towel just yet; here are a few treatments for hair loss that include changes you can make to your diet right now to put the breaks […]

Feed your Brain Something You’ll never Forget

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Ever walk into a room and instantly forget what you were looking for?  Do you find that you have to scribble notes to yourself just to remember short-term errands or short shopping lists?  Short term memory loss, although usually age-related, can also be a sign of stress and vitamin deficiency.  Treatment can be found in […]

Cantankerous Canker Sores: How to Get Rid of Them

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Canker sores, oral lesions, mouth ulcers, stomatitis aphthous- call ’em what you want. I call them annoying. Having a canker sore on your tongue is like being poked in the face with a sharp stick every time you take a bite of food; after a short while it becomes excruciating and just plain intolerable. What causes mouth […]

Crohn’s Disease: What You Can Do about it Now

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Crohn’s disease is a personal, often embarrassing topic to bring up with friends and family, but left untreated could have devastating results. Characterized by inflammation of the small intestine, symptoms of Crohn’s include malnutrition, diarrhea, indigestion, ulcers, stomach cramps and loss of appetite.  Early diagnosis and proper diet can go a long way towards alleviating most of […]