Fast Food Felonies, Part II: Top 10 Fatty Offenders

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From the small-time offenders to the major heavyweights, here is a top ten list of the fattiest fast food meals that you should avoid, rated from the least to worst:

Blimpie BLT 12-Inch Super Stacked- 640 calories

At a mere 640 calories, the Blimpie BLT weighs in as the lightest of the fattiest, although you might wonder why anybody would name their restaurant Blimpie if they’re trying to attract customers…


Steak ‘n Shake Chili Mac, Supreme- 1067 calories

The vanilla milkshake won’t be the only thing that’s jiggling if you make this fat-filled orgy a part of your regular diet.


Quiznos Large Tuna Melt Sandwich with Cheese and Dressing- 1220 calories

Oh, yeah. Don’t want to forget that dressing. As if the mayo and the extra cheese were not saturated enough for ya.


Burger King Texas Triple Whopper Sandwich- 1310 calories

The only thing higher than this monstrosity will be your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.


Hardee’s 2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger- 1320 calories

Who says there’s no truth in advertising? This burger will, indeed, make you thick.  In the middle, that is.


Wendy’s Baconator Triple- 1330 calories

Add some fried eggs and a dollop of chicken gravy and you’ve got a complete quadruple bypass in the making.


Rubio’s Nachos Grande Steak- 1430 calories

We love your fish tacos, Rubio, but what’s up with this? Something is definitely wrong with this picture.


Baja Fresh Quesadilla Charbroiled Steak- 1430 calories

Their motto is, “Eat well. Live fresh.” Whatever happened to live long and prosper?


Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket, 6-Piece with Country Gravy- 1640 calories

DQ doesn’t even pretend to be interested in your health, and you gotta love them for that.  This fried feast is no exception.


Baja Fresh Nachos, Charbroiled Steak- 2073 calories

You might want to call your doctor and let him know you’re coming in before you sit down to eat this caloric catastrophe. If the resulting indigestion doesn’t send you to the hospital then the obstructed coronary artery will.


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