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Treat Vitiligo with Vitamin B12: Say Goodbye to White Skin Patches

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    Vitiligo is a skin disease that often occurs with vitamin B12 deficiency– Find out if taking B12 supplements can treat your vitiligo symptoms and get rid of white patches on your skin forever. What is vitiligo? Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes you to lose brown pigmentation, resulting in white patches on […]

Eat this to Prevent Hair Loss- 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

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    Can eating beans prevent premature hair loss? You Bet! Here are some healthy diet tips to stop thinning hair! Ever look down after taking a hot shower, and see a giant mop-worthy clump of your own hair clinging to the drain cover? Relax- it happens to everybody.  Just be glad you noticed now, […]

7 Commandments for Taming Frizzy Hair

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    How to Care for Frizzy Hair: How do you tame curly, frizzy hair, now that summer has arrived? \Heat and humidity can really put a kink in your curls, making it difficult (or impossible) to achieve that smooth coiffed look you’ve been longing for. Before you run out an get a Brazilian Blowout (don’t!), you might want […]