5 Surprising Foods that Pack Vitamin B12

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You think you’re getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet? Guess again. Here are some foods you probably never eat that provide enormous amounts of vitamin B12.

5 Surprising Foods that Pack Vitamin B12- B12 Patch

Some of the most popular foods that Americans consume have plenty of vitamin B12 (cobalamin); hamburgers, tuna salad, and chicken nuggets are all good sources of vitamin B12. Why, then, is vitamin B12 deficiency still the leading form of malnourishment in the US?

Where’s the B12?

The short answer is that many people are simply not able to absorb vitamin B12 efficiently from diet. For most people with vitamin B12 deficiency, that is the case.

However, another large part of the problem is the fact that most people don’t eat a variety of protein foods, sticking to the basic staples of ground beef, chicken, cheese, and eggs. These all contain moderate amounts of vitamin B12…

…But the richest sources of vitamin B12 occur in animal-based foods that aren’t part of the standard American diet; recipes that our grandparents probably ate, but have since fallen from grace amidst today’s ready-in-15-minutes, nonperishable, kid-friendly cuisine.

What about Vegan Vitamin B12?

Here’s your B12…

Listed below are some not-so-typical culinary dishes that also contain the highest amounts of vitamin B12.  How many of these items do you eat regularly? How many of these dishes have you never tried, not even once?

1- Clams

-500mcg vitamin B12 per serving. Without a doubt, canned clams, liquid included, pack the biggest punch of vitamin B12.

So, when was the last time you’ve been to a clam bake, or ordered clam chowder at a restaurant?

2- Lamb kidneys

-115mcg vitamin B12 per serving. Braised lamb kidneys are next in line after clams for the richest source of vitamin B12, unless you’re willing to try raw lamb liver, which delivers 130mcg of nutritious vitamin B12.

Does McDonald’s offer a Quarter Pounder with Chopped Kidneys on their menu?

3- Fish eggs

-108mcg vitamin B12 per serving. Whitefish caviar, native to Alaska, is our third runner-up for best source of B12 foods.

Spread it on toast, or order it at a sushi bar, but don’t expect your kids to eat it with a spoon.

4- Beef liver

-95mcg vitamin B12 per serving. Finally, something more conventional- beef liver can be found easily at your local butcher or supermarket. To get the most out of this dish, pan-fry slabs of liver with caramelized onions.

5- Moose liver

-92mcg per serving. In the mood for something different? Poached moose liver is #5 on our list of vitamin B12-packed food items.

Don’t live in Alaska? You can order frozen moose liver online…

Your turn!

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Foods highest in Vitamin B12

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