B12: Celebs Say it’s the New C

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It’s been called the “morning after” shot.  It’s used by celebrities to recuperate after an evening of partying and paparazzi.  Politicians rely on this vitamin to keep them in their prime.  What is this wonder drug, you ask?  No, it’s not vitamin C.

Justin Timberlake and Madonna both say they get their stamina from regular doses of vitamin B12 every day, declaring that they couldn’t get through their chaotic schedule without it.  Says an insider close to Justin, “the day Madge gave him his first shot was one of the best of his life.”

Party girl Lindsay Lohan calls up her doctor for a blast of B12 whenever she feels fatigued and wiped out from jet lag.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher confesses that she depended on regular vitamin B12 injections in order to keep up with the daily demands of government.

Hugh Jackman gets his hit of B12 twice a week; he says it keeps him on his toes while rehearsing his dance numbers for “The Boy from Oz.”  Even Prince makes a point of getting his B12 before every concert.

Many Hollywood doctors claim they get dozens of requests each week for a quick B12 fix.  Excessive drinking causes you to lose a lot of B12, they explain.  Celebrities go to a lot of all-nighters, and that usually translates into a lot of liquor.  In fact, alcoholism is a known cause of severe B12 deficiency.

Check out this video of Justin Bieber telling Chelsea Lately about his regular shots in the “butt.”  Oh, if only he knew…