Diabetics, Put On Your Walking Shoes

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Jan 15, 2010- A study recently published in BMJ reveals that walking may be helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes.

An Australian study, in an attempt to research causes of diabetes and ways in which we might prevent diabetes’ symptoms, made the following discovery: walking ten thousand steps per day not only guarantees weight loss but also prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Of the 592 middle-aged test subjects who were studied over a period of five years, it was the ones who had managed to incorporate at least 10,000 footsteps into their daily routine who demonstrated the lowest body mass index and optimal sensitivity to insulin out of all other volunteers.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to utilize the hormone insulin efficiently.  Although age, stress and heredity may be factors in developing type 2 diabetes, obesity is the leading cause.  Over 80% of patients who have type 2 diabetes are clinically overweight.

How does walking help to prevent diabetes?

  • Exercise regulates glucose levels by helping your muscles absorb sugar more efficiently, thus avoiding a sudden excess of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • Walking induces weight loss, another important factor in avoiding diabetes. 
  • Light cardiovascular workouts such as walking are essential for avoiding heart disease, which has a high correlation to diabetes.
  • A Half-hour of walking per day is recommended for maximum benefit, as well as adherence to a strict low-fat diet.

Care to take the 10,000-step challenge?

Here are some necessary tools to get you on your way:

  • The Omron HJ-112 digital pedometer can be hooked onto your belt or underclothes and silently calculates steps, distance, burned calories and has a 7-day memory.
  • Sportline’s 344 Talking Safety Alarm tells you how you’re doing and will also send out an alert if medical assistance is needed.  Great for heart patients.
  • Yamax SW-200 Digiwalker pedometer is simple to use and does exactly what it was designed to do- count steps efficiently.
  • Many New Balance walking shoes for women feature an innovatively curved sole which is designed to help you achieve maximum performance during your walking workout.
  • Asics GEL running shoes for men provide cushioned support for greater comfort and reduced injury.
  • Many shoe stores offer diabetic walking shoes which are tailored to meet the medical needs of diabetics


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