Heartburn for the Holidays? 33 Tips to Ease Stomach Pain

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Even in you suffer from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease); heartburn doesn’t have to be on the holiday menu every time December rolls around. Here are some tips for preventing acid reflux, stomach pain, and debilitating heartburn this holiday season, including which foods to avoid, which medications work best for treating heartburn, and some helpful lifestyle changes that dramatically decrease acid reflux episodes.

Heartburn for the Holidays? 33 Tips to Ease Stomach Pain- B12 Patch

GERD led to B12 Deficiency- What do I eat now?

Shopping might be the #1 activity for most people during the holidays, but eating comes in as a close second…

December is a time for celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than by inviting all of your closest friends, coworkers, and family to your home, laying out a generous spread of sauce-laden casseroles, buttery side dishes, and as assortment of rich pastries?

And then do it all over again the next day- same menu, same heartburn, different location.

It’s no wonder that more people complain about heartburn, stomach cramps, and severe bloating during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

But don’t feel helpless! Here is a handy anti-heartburn checklist to help you get through holiday festivities without suffering the fiery aftereffects later.

Stick to these suggestions, and you can get your New Year’s celebrations off to a healthy, pain-free start.

Foods that love you back:

1- Oatmeal is soothing to the stomach and aids healthy digestion- a great line of defense against heartburn!

2- Bananas, put them on your oatmeal for a treat that’s gentle on your tummy.

3- Ginger is spicy, but also an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

4- Aloe Vera has a healing effect on acid reflux.

5– Melons such as honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon are easily digested, even if you get chronic heartburn.

6- Fennel prevents heartburn by promoting healthy digestion.

7- Celery is a cousin of fennel, and also tummy-friendly.

8- Chicken, cooked without the skin and served as a low-fat entrée is part of the GERD diet.

9- Seafood, like chicken, is also a nutritious source of protein and vitamin B12 that is a green-light food for heartburn patients.

10- Greens such as salads, broccoli and green beans provide essential vitamins and minerals while also sustaining healthy digestion and preventing acid reflux.

11- Brown rice provides vitamins and is a good source of dietary fiber.

12- Parsley has been used for centuries to aid digestion and fight bad breath.

Heartburn for the Holidays? 33 Tips to Ease Stomach Pain- B12 Patch

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Foods to avoid

13- Peppermint can ease stomach upset for some, but for people who have GERD, it can worsen acid reflux.

14- Chocolate is one of the top-ranking red light foods for heartburn sufferers, as it contains caffeine, unhealthy fats, and cocoa- all acid reflux triggers.

15- Fizzy drinks such as colas and lemon-lime sodas have way too much carbonation, causing your stomach to expand and trigger acid reflux.

16– French fries and other deep-fried delicacies are a common cause of chest pain and stomach upset caused by acid reflux and heartburn.

17- Fish oil supplements are generally healthy, unless oil is a heartburn trigger.

18- Chili peppers and other spicy foods irritate the stomach walls, especially if you already suffer from chronic heartburn or acid reflux.

19- Raw onions aggravate stomach inflammation.

20- Citrus fruits and tomatoes are also harsh on the stomach walls and esophagus.

21- Coffee is fine if you limit your caffeine to one cup per day, but anything more than that will make heartburn and acid reflux worse.

22- Butter, cheeses, and other dairy products are sometimes the cause of chronic heartburn.

23– Steaks and other high-fat cuts of meat are notorious for causing a host of stomach ailments.

24- Alcoholic beverages contribute to acid reflux disorder by loosening the valve at the bottom of your esophagus.

Lifestyle changes that help

25- Eat small meals throughout the day to prevent heartburn.

26- Chew, chew your food well between bites.

27- Don’t sip water while eating, as it dissolves essential stomach acids needed for digestion.

28- Manage your weight, and you manage heartburn.

29- Dress loosely and avoid tight clothing.

30- Keep your head up while you sleep, or rest on your left side.

31- Relax and prevent stress, a common trigger of heartburn during the holidays.

32- Quit smoking, as besides destroying your lungs, it also aggravates your esophagus.

33- Zegerid OTC is a helpful drug treatment for heartburn that has helped many GERD patients.

Heartburn for the Holidays? 33 Tips to Ease Stomach Pain- B12 Patch

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