Revved up on Energy from Vitamin B12, says Celeb Supermodel

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She’s not the first celebrity to notice the energy-boosting benefits of vitamin B12, nor will she be the last. British model Kelly Brook attributes her stamina and mental clarity to regular vitamin B12 supplementation.

Revved up on Energy from Vitamin B12, says Celeb Supermodel- B12 Patch

What do Madonna, Kate Perry, Justin Bieber, and Victoria Beckham all have in common?

Besides all being unnervingly good-looking and talented, they’re also die-hard fans of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supplements for everlasting energy.

Now, TV star and supermodel Kelly Brook joins the ranks of famous vitamin B12 devotees. Recently, she told reporters that routine doses of vitamin B12 “make you feel amazing and make you go from a little bit groggy to ‘ding!’”

And because the extra vitamin B12 gives her the energy she needs to perform her ballet workout, she doesn’t have to worry excessively about counting calories or weight gain.

B12: Celebs Say it’s the New C

For years, stars have touted the benefits of B12 mega dosing. Madonna introduced Justin Timberlake to the benefits of vitamin B12 in a recording studio, when she initiated an on-the-spot vitamin B12 shot in the bum, and he’s been hooked ever since.

Why does it work?

Vitamin B12 helps your body synthesize energy, and also promotes DNA metabolism for cellular integrity.

Vitamin B12 is also needed for red blood cell production– without it, you feel groggy, disoriented, and irritable due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

In fact, vitamin B12 is responsible for so many crucial biochemical responses throughout your body, that health experts recommend topping up your stores of vitamin B12 regularly…

…to ensure sustained energy, normal neurological functioning, and cognitive endurance, not to mention avoiding symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency which can make you feel depressed, forgetful, achy, and dizzy.

To maintain normal levels of vitamin B12 for maximum energy, doctors recommend taking at least 1,000mcg of vitamin B12 on a weekly basis, or as desired.

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