Vitamin B12- How Much in Enough?

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Once diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency, you may have questions regarding how much vitamin B12 you need to “get better,” to stop “feeling tired” all the time, or how long to keep taking vitamin B12 supplements.  Here are some answers to FAQ regarding how much vitamin B12 you need.

Vitamin B12- How Much in Enough? B12 Patch

Note: Always consult your doctor before reducing or stopping vitamin B12 supplementation, as the risk for severe nerve damage from long-term vitamin B12 deficiency is significant.

How much vitamin B12 do I need?

Health experts differ on the amount of vitamin B12 supplementations you need to take.

The short answer is that is varies; healthy individuals who don’t have relevant health problems need not worry about developing vitamin B12 deficiency, as your body is able to store a large amount of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) for years.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for healthy adults is minimal- a scant few mcg of vitamin B12 per day.  These guidelines are based on the understanding that most people are able to digest vitamin B12 easily from food sources, which include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese.

However, recent studies argue the benefits of taking much more vitamin B12, in order to increase energy, prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, or replenish vitamin B12 levels.

To improve mental focus, restore stamina, and alleviate symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, doctors recommend 1000mcg -3000mcg vitamin B12 to be taken weekly or monthly, depending on the severity of ailments, or as desired for feelings of wellbeing.

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What’s the standard dose for vitamin B12?

Most doses of vitamin B12 include 1000mcg cobalamin, to be administered at your doctor’s recommendation.

However, many patients find that they need much more vitamin B12 than their health insurance providers are willing to endorse. This is not because of any safety guidelines, as there is no FDA-designated “upper limit” for vitamin B12…

…Meaning that it is perfectly safe to use as much vitamin B12 as you need in order to start feeling better.

As a result, many vitamin B12 deficiency patients opt to take over-the-counter (OTC) vitamin B12 supplements, for usage in addition to vitamin B12 injections or sometimes, in place of monthly vitamin B12 shots.

When can I stop taking vitamin B12 supplements?

If you’ve been diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency as a result of malabsorption issues, then you may be required to take vitamin B12 supplements for life.

As for how much vitamin B12 you’ll require, that number may become smaller once the signs of vitamin B12 deficiency- fatigue, dizziness, and numbness-have disappeared.

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