4 Tried-and-True Hangover Cures, including Vitamin B12

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How does vitamin B12 help to cure hangovers? It’s scientific, actually. One night of excessive alcohol consumption is enough to drain your body of much-needed nutrients, causing throbbing headaches, nausea, and fatigue the day after. Below are some trusted tips for avoiding New Years’ Day hangover, including vitamin B12 supplementation.

4 Tried-and-True Hangover Cures, including Vitamin B12- B12 Patch

This New Years’, avoid the typical hangover symptoms that occur after a night of partying. By preparing yourself the day before (and treating yourself the day after) with vitamin B12 and other nutrients, you can dramatically cut down or prevent many of the harmful effects of alcohol, such as head pain, body aches, stomach cramps, and general lethargy.

Here are four tips for preventing hangovers:

Vitamin B12

Alcohol use robs your body of many important nutrients; these include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. When you wake up feeling ill after an alcohol binge, you’re experiencing the ill effects of vitamin depletion.

Out of all these vitamins, however, vitamin B12 is the most critical, as it disperses at a much faster rate than the others. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is an essential nutrient that controls many vital bodily functions, including protecting the nervous system, maintaining healthy red blood cell production, and providing cellular energy. When vitamin B12 levels are low, you may feel out-of-focus, fatigued, confused, and achy.

In order to prevent vitamin depletion, specifically vitamin B12 depletion, after a night of drinking, make certain to take plenty of vitamin supplements before, during, and after festivities begin.

For best results in avoiding hangovers, take vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, and vitamins A, C, D, and E before going to sleep at night, and upon wakening, throughout the holiday season.

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Alcohol is a diuretic; often, when you feel tired and headache-y after drinking, it’s because you’re severely dehydrated.

The day before a party, build up your H2O supply by drinking plenty of water. During the celebrations, alternate drinking an alcoholic beverage with a glass of water. The next day, continue to replace lost fluids by drinking water, juice, or decaffeinated tea. Avoid drinking coffee; like alcohol, coffee also has a dehydrating effect on the body.

Coconut water

If you’re severely dehydrated and drinking water doesn’t seem to be helping, then you may need to replenish some lost electrolytes. Instead of turning to the Gatorade aisle, try drinking coconut water, an all-natural rehydrator. Coconut water has the identical five electrolytes found in human blood, of which Gatorade only has two.

Headache pills

If your main hangover symptom is headache, then you may safely take over-the-counter headache medicine to combat bodily aches. However, consult a doctor if headaches occur often, as long-term use of NSAIDs may cause damage to your body organs.

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