B12 Prevents Brain Loss in Old Age – Confirmed by UK Study

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A UK study which focused on memory and aging  made an amazing discovery- elderly test subjects who had high levels of vitamin b12 were found to be six times less likely to experience brain shrinkage.  This study, conducted by Anna Vogiatzoglou of Oxford University, shed some light on the correlation between b12 deficiency and dementia.

The 5-year study, published by Neurology online, followed a panel of 107 volunteers between the ages of 61 and 87.  Subjects were given yearly MRIs and regular exams gauging physical and mental aptitude. Blood tests taken at the onset and the conclusion of the investigation produced the following results:

  • While none of the test subjects suffered from b12 deficiency, the ones who had the highest amounts of vitamin b12 were six times less likely to lose brain density than those who had the lowest amounts.
  • Vitamin b12 deficiency could be a contributor to brain atrophy among the elderly.
  • Adjusting our daily habits to include B12 in our diet could go a long way towards preventing memory loss in our old age.
  • B12 deficiency is recognized as a major health problem, particularly among the elderly, as it frequently leads to loss of brain volume.