Should Kelly Osbourne Consider Gastric Bypass Surgery?

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Kelly Osbourne has shed a lot of weight recently, and though she lost the pounds naturally, through diet and exercise, she’s considering gastric bypass surgery to keep the weight off.

Former star of The Osbournes, Kelly has risen to superstar status after appearing on Dancing with the Stars and securing for herself a role on the hit Broadway musical Chicago.

And no, she didn’t land the part of hefty Mama Morton, portrayed by Queen Latifah in the Oscar award-winning movie version of Chicago. The newly svelte Kelly, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, plays the sultry Velma character played previously by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Good for the Heart

Rumors that she underwent gastric bypass surgery in order to get the starring role are false and angrily disputed by Kelly, who gradually lost the weight under the public’s eye by following a healthy, low-fat diet and rigorous training for Dancing with the Stars.

But losing weight is one thing; any yo-yo dieter can tell you that the real challenge is keeping it off…for good; Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to yo-yo dieting, and her worst fears were confirmed when she returned home from a vacation recently to find that her new clothes were too tight on her and she’d gained 1 stone (14 pounds).

As the new face of Madonna’s Material Girl Collection fashion line, the pressure is on for Kelly to keep her new slim figure. Her mother Sharon underwent gastric bypass surgery and is reportedly satisfied with her results; she has said that, should her daughter opt for bariatric surgery, she would fully support her decision.

Physicians warn that gastric bypass surgery should only be considered as a last resort. Patients of weight loss surgery require a strict regimen of dietary supplements, including vitamin B12, in order to avoid symptoms such as vitamin B12 deficiency– a common side effect of bariatric surgery.

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