8 Great Tracking Devices for Autistic Kids, GPS+

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Reasons to get a tracking device for your children, especially if they have autism:


You’re at the park watching your 18-month-old dig in the sand.  You reach into your beach tote to retrieve a water bottle, glance back to check on your toddler, and she isn’t there.  Your eyes quickly scan the grassy perimeter, your heart begins to palpitate, and you tell yourself to stay calm while you ask for help.  Every second brings increasing anxiety, until the moment when your child is, at last, safe and in your arms again.

It’s every parent’s nightmare: the disappearance of a small child.

For many parents of autistic kids, such as scenario is not uncommon.

Children with autism often behave impulsively, and as a result, there are high incidences of autistic children wandering off and going missing, such as the case with two-year-old Adam Benhamma of Quebec, Canada, diagnosed with autism, partial deafness, and speech difficulties.

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Tracking devices save lives

For peace of mind, many parents of children with autism spectrum disorder invest in a tracking device to locate their kids at all times.  There is a variety of child locating devices to meet your needs.  Some operate over a 150-foot range, and are practical for the mall, while others feature high-tech GPS positioning and emergency alarm for round-the-clock security.  Similarly, prices can range from $40.00 and on into the hundreds.

Regardless of which tracking system you use, please keep in mind that no electronic device works properly without fully charged batteries.  Make a habit of checking your battery pack every day, and keep a backup supply of replacement batteries handy.

Below is a review of 8 popular tracking devices for autistic children:

1) LiveViewGPS Covert GPS Tracker PT-8200

LiveView is one of the leading manufacturers of quality GPS devices, and for good reason.  While most GPS trackers receive a weak signal or fail completely while indoors, the LiveViewGPS Covert GPS Tracker continues to operate efficiently in underground parking structures, from inside elevators, or even in high-rise buildings. It has a long battery life of 10-30 days per charge, and can be accessed remotely via the internet$799.99 plus subscription plan.

2) WorldTracker Enduro GPS Tracker

The WorldTracker Endure GPS Tracker is one of the smallest, lightest, and most competitively priced security devices of its caliber.  It’s waterproof, uses real-time GPS, and has a battery life of 5-10 days.  It costs $240.00 for device, plus $49.95 per month for tracking service.

3) The Care Trak Wrist Transmitter

Care Trak, Inc. offers a home security plan that will notify you any time your child leaves the designated Care Trak Perimeter System.  Their Mobile Locater tracking unit covers a one-mile radius and measures signal strength coming from the waterproof transmitter.  The Care Trak Wrist Transmitter operates on radio frequency. This is not a GPS device, nor does it communicate with cell phone networks.  Contact Care Trak for pricing at 1-800-842-4537

4) GPS Child Locator

Your kid will love this cool-looking watch/GPS tracking device.  For ages 3-12, the GPS Child Locator is compatible with Google Street Maps and network coverage such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Network Partners.  Battery life is only good for 3-8 hours, so it’s best used for outings at the park.  Unit is $199.99, and available in black and hot pink.

5) Insignia Little Buddy GPS Child Tracker

This powerful little GPS tracking device costs $49.00, plus $14.99 per month for nonstop coverage.  Cancel anytime- there’s no penalty, and the first 30 days are free.

6) Amber Alert GPS 2G Child Location System

The compact Amber Alert GPS 2G is the smallest GPS tracking device around.  It comes with a tiny carrying pouch that clips easily onto backpacks and threads onto shoelaces.  Receive alerts on your AT&T or T-Mobile cell phone. It’s only con is that it’s slightly less sensitive than many of the more expensive, larger models.  Prices vary by plan.

7) Safetytat

While not technically a tracking device, the Safetytat has a convenience and practicality that is worth mentioning.  Choose from the original custom-designed tattoos, Quick Stick Write-On’s, or the new Safetytat QR, which utilized QR (Quick Response) codes.  All tattoos are sweat-proof and waterproof.  Just $9.99 for 6-pack of Write-On tattoos.

8) The Mommy I’m Here Kids Tracking Device

The cute Mommy I’m Here tracking device is a popular alternative to a child leash, which many parents find awkward.  The teddy bear’s receiver emits a virtual tether that covers a 150-foot range, and will alert you when you child wanders more than 15 feet away from its keychain transmitter.  $39.99

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